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Collaborating, Learning, and Adaptation (CLA) Senior Specialist, Honduras


  • Distrito Central, FM
  • ago 26º, 2020 - sep 30º, 2020
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ACDI/VOCA is seeking a Collaborating, Learning, and Adaptation (CLA) Senior Specialist for an anticipated Youth Workforce Development program in Honduras funded by USAID. The program anticipates to increase employment of youth at risk of irregular migration in support of Mission-wide efforts to reduce irregular migration to the United States by increasing their educational and income generating opportunities.


The CLA Senior Specialist will integrate collaborating, learning, and adaptation (CLA) into all aspects of implementation and reporting to stakeholders. S/he will also be responsible for the learning and knowledge management aspect of the Activity, including leading the development and implementation of the CLA agenda, engaging technical, management and operational staff, USAID, and other stakeholders throughout the process. This position is based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and is projected to start in 2020.


  • Design learning approaches that enable analysis of data, context and emerging experience, as well as iterative adaptive management for the Activity's technical approaches, targets, and indicators to unpredicted challenges and opportunities posed by the market, the socio-political environment in Honduras, institutional capacities, and other influences
  • Implement a dynamic learning approach that seeks to fill key knowledge gaps, inform interventions and, as needed, refine the Activity's theory of change through a variety of learning processes and activities (i.e. studies, desk reviews, analyses, learning events, stakeholder workshops, etc.)
  • Develop adaptive management processes and tools that facilitate purposeful experimentation and pivot in strategy and tactics based on planned experiments
  • Manage the CLA plan including the learning agenda through a participatory process with project staff, partners, and donor stakeholders
  • Lead knowledge sharing initiatives to ensure that learning is shared with relevant stakeholders and furthers activity goals
  • Document programmatic best practices, lessons learned, and tools developed through learning reports
  • Spearhead the co-creation of M&E agreements with grantees to ensure private-sector partners articulate and understand relevant goals, milestones, indicators, tools, and processes
  • Support the analyze, pilot, adapt, and design facilitation approach that encourages purposeful experimentation and pivots in strategy and tactics based on planned research activities/surveys
  • Continually develop and review impact causal models/results chains to demonstrate how interventions will contribute to youth workforce development in targeted districts
  • Lead regular strategy meetings with the Chief of Party, other Activity personnel, and USAID to analyze progress and lessons learned and to update new work plans
  • Coordinate with other Mission-led CLA Activities such as MESCLA


  • Master’s degree in organizational/management sciences, psychometrics, measurement, statistics, demography, or relevant field preferred; bachelor’s degree required.
  • Minimum 8 years of relevant experience developing and using a CLA approach for activities of similar size and scope for international donors.
  • At least 5 years of supervisory work experience, including evaluation of staff performance and deliverables is preferred.
  • Proven success in leading highly collaborative, dynamic teams through processes of organizational change.
  • Strong analytical skills, including the ability to gather and analyze information and to develop appropriate recommendations for action. 
  • Fluency in written and spoken Spanish, English preferred.

Please apply online at The applications will be reviewed promptly upon receipt, only finalists will be contacted. ACDI/VOCA is an equal opportunity employer. Women, minorities and people from diverse groups are encouraged to apply.

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