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Senior Finance Specialist


  • Distrito Central, FM
  • sep 17º, 2020 - oct 7º, 2020
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Banyan Global is a woman-owned small business and international development consulting firm committed to improving livelihoods through market approaches for a broad and lasting impact. The firm is headquartered in Washington, DC with staff working in several developing countries. Banyan Global operates seamlessly within six practice areas: gender, youth, finance and investment, enterprise development, health, and evaluation and learning.

Banyan Global is currently seeking potential staff for the upcoming USAID-funded project “Youth Employment for Migration Prevention (YEMP) Activity.” The purpose of the Youth Employment for Migration Prevention (YEMP) Activity is to increase employment of youth at risk of irregular migration in support of Mission-wide efforts to reduce irregular migration to the United States by increasing their educational and income generating opportunities. The beneficiaries will be youth from high out-migration areas as well as other youth at risk of irregular migration, including returned youth migrants. In certain geographic areas youth will be vulnerable and/or at risk of being victims or perpetrators of violence and or at risk of gang recruitment. 

*Please note that this position is contingent upon Banyan Global’s selection as the primary for the YEMP Activity by USAID.



  • Document best practices and share.
  • The Senior Finance Specialist will ensure full financial and contractual compliance of all activities with USAID regulations.
  • Working with Contractor’s internal auditing system and Financial Comptroller, the Senior Finance Specialist will establish internal control systems as well as accounting and financial reporting protocols for local subcontractors.
  • S/He will supervise the financial staff and program budget matters, managing accounting and disbursement needs, verifying that procurements comply with USAID and Contractor’s financial guidelines.
  • S/He will oversee the training of staff and partner NGOs in financial systems, ensuring adherence to management policies, and assuring timely financial reporting to USAID.
  • The Senior Finance Specialist reports directly to the COP with support from Home Office counterparts.



  • A Honduran or experience working in Honduras is preferred.
  • The candidate must be professionally proficient and fluent in written and spoken Spanish.
  • Proficiency in English is preferred.
  • Requires a master’s degree in Business, Public Administration, Accounting or Financial Management, or clearly equivalent academic degree at least at the master’s level.
  • At least 8 years of experience in financial management of development activities with increasing levels of responsibility.
  • Membership in a professional body such as those for Certified Public Accountants preferred.
  • Needs-based support from Home Office counterparts will be described if needed.

Salary commensurate with background and experience. Banyan Global is an equal opportunity employer.

Please apply to the position through and include a cover letter and resume in your submission. Please no phone calls.

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Acerca de banyan-global

Banyan Global, es una firma internacional con base en Washington D.C. ejecutor del Proyecto Empleando Futuros, enfocado en el Desarrollo de la Fuerza Laboral en Honduras. El proyecto tiene una duración de 5 años (2016-2021) y es parte del portafolio de proyectos de USAID. Su objetivo es aumentar la seguridad ciudadana de las poblaciones vulnerables en zonas urbanas de alta criminalidad en Honduras, apoyando el desarrollo de recursos humanos para aumentar las oportunidades de generación de ingresos para jóvenes entre 16 a 30 años que están en riesgo. El proyecto fortalecerá los servicios integrales de mano de obra, incluyendo las habilidades para la vida, vinculación de empleo y el autoempleo, con enfoque en género, que beneficia a jóvenes, incluyendo aquellos que califican para servicios de prevención de violencia. El proyecto tiene meta de cumplir tres resultados durante este periodo: Resultado 1: Por lo menos 7,500 jóvenes en riesgo se beneficiarán de servicios de desarrollo laboral integral con mejores índices de inserción laboral y auto-empleo; y que por lo menos 50% de los jóvenes que recibieron servicios del proyecto obtendrán un empleo nuevo o mejor, incluyendo autoempleo. Resultado 2: El INFOP habrá mejorado su capacidad institucional para proveer servicio de calidad a los jóvenes y efectivamente alinear sus servicios a la necesidad del sector privado. Resultado 3: Por lo menos 400 jóvenes identificados como en necesidades de servicios de prevención terciarios habrán recibido servicios resultando en mejores índices de la generación de ingresos legales, y que habrá mejor conocimiento de estrategias en proveer servicios de desarrollo laboral integral a jóvenes en conflicto con la ley y/o ex miembros de maras.


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